Dairy Solutions

Voluntary Milking Systems

“You said what?”
“The cows are going to milk themselves?”
“That’s right!”

If you’re as excited about the changing dairy industry as we are at Joe’s Refrigeration Inc. you’ll love this. VMS (Voluntary Milking System) from DeLaval has been tested and approved and is ready for the market. This product could open a whole new world for many dairymen. Some may view it as a way to milk top producers multiple times per day to increase their production. Others may view this as a way to save the family farm.

You won’t have to be home at 4:30 to milk cows. You may even find yourself at one of your children’s school activities. VMS is no longer some futuristic idea. It is here now and ready to start changing milking as we know it.

Give us a call and we’d be happy to answer any question you might have or show you how VMS may fit your dairy.