Dairy Solutions


The best part of expanding your existing dairy or building a new facility is planning. Usually this starts by touring other facilities, attending planning meetings and putting together cash flows with your bank. By this point you should be completely confused. That is where Joe’s Refrigeration, Inc. comes in. Our sales staff has years of experience to guide you through the many questions you will have.

Should I build a Herringbone, a Parallel or maybe a Rotary? And what about all those features?
It’s our job to make sure you understand all the options. We will make sure the electricians, plumbers and builders are all on the same page so there are no surprises. We always facilitate meetings with all the contractors to be sure nothing has been overlooked. Now this is where the fun ends and the work begins.

Our installation team is second to none. Our staff of nearly 25 employees has years and years of experience and countless jobs behind them and where this crew really stands out is that they care. They take ownership in their jobs, and each job is done with a true sense of pride. Joe’s Refrigeration, Inc. prides itself on the fact that we bring our family values to work with us and we want each customer to be completely satisfied when their job is done. You won’t find that just anywhere.
This is a highly trained group of individuals that are well equipped with the trucks, tools and knowledge to do the job.

Our service does not end with the installation either. Joe’s Refrigeration route service offers a full line of chemicals, rubber goods and many other items to keep your operation running smoothly. Our Preventive Maintenance program is the best way to avoid costly, time consuming breakdowns and keep cell counts under control. When a problem does arise we have an experienced service staff on call 365 days a year to get things running again.

Give Joe’s Refrigeration, Inc. a chance to be your full service dealer. You’ll be glad you did.