Dairy Solutions


In the past the preferred method of harvesting milk had been stanchion barns. Along the way step savers and pipe lines were incorporated into the process and are still commonly used.

Today’s milk producers are milking more and more cows to remain competitive and as always the Wisconsin milk producer is eager to make any change necessary to improve animal throughput and profitability.

Joe’s Refrigeration, Inc. has built and designed over 50 milking parlors from herringbones and parallels to flat barns and rotaries, all with the ability to incorporate automated record keeping, automatic I.D., expandability and more.

We have never shied away from a challenge and parlors are no exception. With a staff of nearly 25 of the best trained dairy equipment people in the United States we have the ability to design and build milking parlors to suit your needs. Whether in an existing facility or a green site we will maximize our efforts to build you a profitable efficient milking center.

Joe’s Refrigeration, Inc. can provide the full range of services that today’s busy operations demand. Our full service approach will help you determine what you need, help you design a facility, professionally install of your equipment, maintain that equipment, provide emergency service and deliver supplies to keep things running smoothly. If change is in your future let us be a part of it.