Dairy Solutions

Scheduled Maintenance Program

The Value of Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance has grown into one of the most important parts of our organization. In the past we could install a milking system and if it broke down we fixed it. Today’s advanced dairy systems require peak performance around the clock. This requires highly trained personnel and a maintenance schedule customized to meet each dairy’s needs.

The slightest inconsistency can lead to big problems. Our service technicians will perform systems checks and routine maintenance to prevent these problems whenever possible. The results can be huge in terms of reduced service calls, down time and profits.

Today’s dairyman depends on the herd management system to be the eyes and ears in the parlor and free stall. A well maintained herd management system can provide milking start and stop times, prep times, milk weights, herd averages, heat detection and an almost unlimited list of other useful herd management reports. There is no room to let maintenance slide here.

Joe’s Refrigeration enlists certified service technicians to perform preventive maintenance on your equipment. During our visit, our service specialist will complete a thorough equipment evaluation and performance check. When replacement parts are required based on Joe’s Refrigeration system recommendations, only genuine parts and rubber products will be used. Joe’s Refrigeration’s preventive maintenance is a scheduled maintenance program designed to suit your dairies needs. The program structure depends on the size of your herd, the number of milking points, the milking time, and the washing time.

Scheduled Maintenance Program Check List
Complete N.M.C. Testing
  • System Vacuum Differences
    • Receiver
    • Regulator
    • Vacuum Pump
    • Pulsator Airline
    • Farm Vacuum Gauge
  • Airflow Measurements
    • Effective Reserve
    • Manual Reserve
  • Air Used by Components
    • Pulsators
    • Milking Units
    • Regulator
  • Static Pulsation Tests
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